Vision & Aims



We aim within our small school to nurture confident, emotionally resilient and thoughtful individuals, who understand the positive contribution that they can make in the world.


Our vision- the thing that spells out what is important and unique about St Mary's School and what we intend for our pupils-  is for a community of learners who feel safe to grow as individuals knowing that God loves each of us the same and who can say "I am happy to be me".


-in our school we are committed to broadening opportunity; to fostering teamwork and friendship; to inspiring attitudes and aspiration ; and to developing self-belief and generosity of spirit.


-in our school we know that we will be supported to challenge ourselves and be challenged with confidence that encourages us to be the best that we can be.


Our Code of Conduct

At St Mary's we will....

always tell the truth

treat others as we want to be treated

be helpful and kind

be positive

guide people the right way

always include people when playing

always try to keep safe

keep our hands and feet to ourselves

try not to fall out even if we disagree

stay out of other's disagreements

listen to what others say

try to be a good friend