July 2016 Newsletter

The last newsletter of the school year must go to celebrating our fabulous Year 6 leavers.  Next week we will be saying goodbye to Catie, Peter, Sean, Mollie, Amelia, Tabitha, Tanesha, Erin, Chloe,Nathanael, Emilia, Connor, Jacob and Ellie...and we are going to miss them all!  They have grown up at St Marys. Some of them we have had the privilege of working with since they were 4 year olds, some we have met more recently, but every single one of them is leaving ready for Year 7.

These young people have just been the first to weather a turbulent year of change in education, culminating in some particularly challenging Year 6 SATs.  This has not diminished their amazingly positive attitudes to their learning and they have proved an example to us all - that includes the teachers, who have frequently despaired over the next step of unreasonable hoops the children have been expected to somersault through.  Year 6 leavers - we must take our cue from you: To put a smile on our faces, learn from any mistakes and address with pragmatism whatever challenges lies ahead. You are truly amazing.  Thank you

Sports Day - update!! The children have had opportunity to take part in some sports activities together but the weather forecast continues to look unsettled.  As we are unable to predict for the only free morning we have next week, sadly, sports day will not happen this term.  We don't want to disrupt our parents and carers by planning an event that will not happen due to circumstances beyond our control (i.e. the weather!)  Sorry! 

Security of our site! Please note.  With immediate effect,  the side gate off the main school drive will be locked at 9.00am  and access to the EYFS play area and KS 1 & 2 cloakroom doors will be by the lower wooden gate only.  The top wooden gate will now be locked for access. Please respect this security measure.  Thank you. 

Musical Morning -  Next Thursday, 21st July at 9.15am.  KS2 pupils will be holding a 'Musical Morning' next Thursday showcasing the pieces they have been learning during their weekly violin lessons .  This will also be Mr Bounford's last morning  teaching as he is retiring on Friday.

St Marys has worked with Mr Bounford for many years and have seen the whole class violin lessons established as a strength and asset of our school.  It has been a joy to listen to and watch our budding musicians, some of whom have maintained their interest in music throughout secondary school.

Stan - you so deserve your retirement, we know that you are going to have a lovely time and  enjoy your ever expanding family, but we are SO going to miss you. 

Friday Night is Show Night… If you have not already seen Class 4's fabulous performance of 'Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits' please join us on Friday evening at 7.00pm. Refreshments will be served at this event. 

Attendance: Attendance at St Marys is good, standing at 97.2% against a National rate of 96.1% and 96.2% for Nottinghamshire.  But we want to encourage  great attendance from all of our pupils.  This is not because of the figures which are returned and monitored by the Department for Education, but because we know that every bit of learning your child misses, means they have to work really much harder to make up the gaps.  For some children this is a very tall order. 

So… to encourage good attendance,  from the start of the new academic year St Marys will be putting into place attendance awards.  'The 100 Club' - are pupils who have achieved 100% attendance for the school year. At the end of the year they will receive a reward . 'The 99'er Club' are pupils who only have a very few number of days absence and they too will receive a reward at the end of the school year. We will also be operating a 'Late Race' aimed at individual pupils who are persistently late to arrive to school.

Please keep an eye out for more details which we will be sending out at the start of the new academic year. 

LAST DAY OF TERM  We break up for the summer holidays on  Friday 22nd July and pupils return to school on Wednesday 7th September as Tuesday 6th is a staff training day on 'Handwriting & Presentation' 

Year 6 Leavers Service Thursday 21st July, 2.00pm at Church. Please join us in Church to say a formal goodbye to our Year 6 pupils.  You will also have the chance to hear some of them 'ringing in the bells' as the culmination of their bell ringing club. 

BAGS, RUCKSACKS AND TRAINERS...When the time comes for getting ready for the new school year, could we please, please, please request that large rucksack type bags not be used for school.  PE kits should be in a draw string bag that can hang from the peg and NOT a large rucksack/satchel bag - they simply take up too much room!   Large rucksack type bags take up the room of 2 - 3 pegs , meaning that children's coats fall onto the floor and we end up with a messy environment  - besides potential health & safety risks - where bags and coats are blocking corridors and fire exits.   Reading and homework books should be in a book bag (or a similar sized bag) and storage boxes are provided in the classroom for these.  From September, our Class 4 pupils will also be provided with shoe lockers in their corridor to house their PE trainers. Thank you very much in anticipation.

And finally, from all of  us here at St Marys - have a wonderful summer and see you in September!