Happy New Year!

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the school council news letters. I hope you all enjoyed our first news letter we sent out last term. Oursuccessful events last term were "children in need" day and organising making our own Christmas decorations to put on our Christmas tree! I hope you  loved all of the yummy cakes we sold and all the money we made supporting the Children in need charity. 

This term will be an exciting and busy time for the school council with lots of interesting events planned for you all take part in.  

Thankyou for your continued support! 

Molly, Chairperson.

Environmental Morning.

Soon the school council will be 

organising an environmental morning in March.  We know it will be on a Sunday between 9 -12noon but we are not sure of the date yet. Everyone will be able to take part in this event and we would love all your family and friends to be involved. We will be doing lots of fun jobs like planting, painting, clearing the gardens and lots of other things.  Just remember your wellies and lots of 

elbow  grease!!  Catie A. 

Book Exchange Day

On Friday the 12th of February at morning break we are going to have a book exchange.  You can bring in an old book that you do not use anymore (must be clean and in good condition)  and swap it for a new book. The cost is £1 and the money raised goes towards the Buddy Bench we are saving for. Freya.

School Council CAKE SALE.

Friday 15th January, morning break.  For the cake sale we are going to raise some money for our buddy bench.  So we would like you all to buy a cake during morning break time. 

Your help would be really appreciated in helping us achieve this for our school. Pheobe. 

Fund-raising for the Buddy Bench

St Mary's Edwinstowe have decided to buy a bench; the purpose of the bench will be that whenever  somebody has nobody to play with at play times they can come and sit down and anyone can come over and ask them to play. 

We will raise the money by arranging a cake sale and a book swap day.  We will also be holding an environmental morning - this is when the bench will appear for the first time.  Isaac. 

Bethany's Jolly Jokes of the day: 

Why didn't the skeleton go to the party? 

I don't know, why didn't the skeleton go to the party? 

Because he had no-body to go with!!!!!!!!! 


Where do cows go on Saturday nights? 
I don't know, where do cows go on Saturday nights? 
To the Moooooooovies! 


What do you call a deer with no eyes? 

I've no idea  (no eyed-deer!!!!!) 

What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs? 

I've still no idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thankyou for all of your support this year!

Your suggestions have all been looked at and we really appreciate your support and efforts to make the school a better place. Children in need was a big hit as we raised over £218, and who can forget our glorious winner? Mrs Purchase who won that enormous cake that weighed 3.174kg! I wonder whether she's eaten it all yet? You also helped us raise £34.02 for the Royal Legion poppy appeal. Please continue with your amazing attitude towards our school and everything in it.  

Jacob, Secretary.